Booklist Review
Pietro is a lonely city boy with parents who share a mutual love for the mountains and little else. When his family begins renting a house in the Alps during the summers, Pietro meets Bruno, an idealistic local boy who finds adventure in the ruins of his village. Together, during those summers of childhood and adolescence, they explore the lonely landscape of the mountains with its meadows, rivers, and snowy peaks. As adults, their paths diverge as Pietro goes on to travel the world and Bruno stays where he has always been, continuously building his life as a man of the mountains. Despite the distance and sparse communication, their friendship never fades. As Pietro comes to realize during his travels, sometimes everything can change, but there are some things like friendship that can be depended on to stay the same. Winner of the Strega Prize, Italy's highest literary honor, Cognetti's novel elegantly paints the terrifyingly beautiful landscape of the mountains at the heart of a brotherly friendship that proves to transcend anything.--Park, Emily Copyright 2018 Booklist