Booklist Review
A slew of guest artists and storytellers tell brief yarns set in and around the grimly valiant Mouse Territories of Petersen's Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 (2007) and Winter 1152 (2009). The foundation and connecting mortar are found in the form of an innkeeper who challenges her patrons to a storytelling contest, rewarding the winner with a cleared tab. The art styles of the ensuing stories are all over the map, from the elegant, tapestry-worthy The Battle of the Hawk's Mouse & the Fox's Mouse, by Jeremy Bastian, to the joltingly cartoony A Mouse Named Fox, from Katie Cook. In substance, the stories are equally varied, but all champion the heroism of the noble mouse warriors and even include a couple clever takes on classics, like The Lion and the Mouse, from Craig Rousseau, and The Raven, from Jason Shawn Alexander. More than just supplemental material, this book broadens Petersen's magnificently imagined miniature world and is a welcome addition for any collection that values quality, all-ages graphic novels.--Chipman, Ian Copyright 2010 Booklist