The graphic novel collaboration and true story of twosisters. Anaële, a writer, leaves for Palestine volunteering in an aidprogram, swinging between her Palestinian friends and her Israeli friends.Delphine is an artist, left behind in Liège, Belgium. From theirdifferent sides of the world, they exchange letters. Green Almonds: Letters fromPalestine is a personal look into a complex reality, through the prism of theexperience of a young woman writing letters to her sister about her feelings andadventures in the occupied territories. Green Almonds is an intimate story withbig implications. A young woman discovers a country, works there, makes friends,lives a love story, and is confronted with the plight of the Palestinians, theviolence on a daily basis that we see on our screens and read in our newspapers.Anaële's story is brought to life by Delphine's simple and evocativedrawings, which give full force to the subject and evoke the complexity of thisconflict, creating a journey to the everyday life of Palestinians.Green Almonds:Letters from Palestine received the Doctors Without Borders Award for besttravel diary highlighting the living conditions of populations in precarioussituations when it was published in France in 2011. <br>