Introduction, with catsp. 1
Argument 1You Are Losing Your Free Will
Welcome to the cage that goes everywhere with youp. 5
The mad scientist turns out to care about the dog in the cagep. 8
Carrot and shtickp. 10
The allure of mysteryp. 12
Heaven and hell are made of other peoplep. 16
Bit as baitp. 19
Addiction, meet network effectp. 21
Addiction and free will are oppositesp. 23
Argument 2Quitting Social Media Is The Most Finely Targeted Way To Resist The Insanity Of Our Times
The Bummer machinep. 25
The parts that make up the Bummer machinep. 29
The problem is limited, so we can contain itp. 37
Argument 3Social Media Is Making You Into An Asshole
Sooty snowp. 39
Meeting my inner trollp. 41
The mysterious nature of asshole amplification technologyp. 44
The most masterful master switchp. 49
Go to where you are kindestp. 51
Argument 4Social Media Is Undermining Truth
Everybody knowsp. 53
When people are fake, everything becomes fakep. 55
Bummer killsp. 59
Argument 5Social Media Is Making What You Say Meaningless
Meaning ajarp. 65
Pod peoplep. 69
Argument 6Social Media Is Destroying Your Capacity For Empathy
Digitally imposed social numbnessp. 76
The lost theory in your brainp. 79
Argument 7Social Media Is Making You Unhappy
Why do so many famous tweets end with the word "sad"?p. 81
The wrong end of the Bummerp. 85
High castlep. 90
Argument 8Social Media Doesn't Want You To Have Economic Dignity
Double Bummerp. 93
Baby Bummerp. 94
Conflicted Bummerp. 97
Bummer blindersp. 98
Better than Bummerp. 99
The corp perspectivep. 103
The user perspectivep. 104
Argument 9Social Media Is Making Politics Impossible
Arc burnp. 107
Arab Springp. 110
Gamergatep. 113
LGBTQp. 114
Neither left nor right, but downp. 115
Black Lives Matterp. 117
If only this game were already overp. 123
Argument 10Social Media Hates Your Soul
I met a metaphysical metaphorp. 125
The first four principles of Bummer spiritualityp. 126
Bummer faithp. 132
Bummer heavenp. 134
Existence without Bummerp. 136
Bummer anti-magicp. 137
Conclusion: Cats Have Nine Lives
Thank-yousp. 145
About the Authorp. 147