Chapter 1The Unstraightforward Pathp. 1
Chapter 2A Road Map for the Journeyp. 17
Part IThe Discipline of Desire: What It Is Proper to Want or Not to Want
Chapter 3Some Things Are in Our Power, Others Are Notp. 29
Chapter 4Living According to Naturep. 47
Chapter 5Playing Ball with Socratesp. 63
Chapter 6God or Atoms?p. 79
Part IIThe Discipline of Action: How to Behave in the World
Chapter 7It's All About Character (and Virtue)p. 95
Chapter 8A Very Crucial Wordp. 109
Chapter 9The Role of Role Modelsp. 123
Chapter 10Disability and Mental Illnessp. 139
Part IIIThe Discipline of Assent: How to React to Situations
Chapter 11On Death and Suicidep. 157
Chapter 12How to Deal with Anger, Anxiety, and Lonelinessp. 171
Chapter 13Love and Friendshipp. 187
Chapter 14Practical Spiritual Exercisesp. 201
Appendix: The Hellenistic Schools of Practical Philosophyp. 223
Acknowledgmentsp. 241
Notesp. 243
Indexp. 263